Extract Transform Load (ETL) for bag store (Tumi.my)

  • Transactional databases cannot answer complex business questions that can be answered by ETL example.
  • A Data Warehouse provides a common data repository
  • ETL provides a method of moving the data from various sources into a data warehouse.
  • ETL process allows sample data comparison between the source and the target system.
  • ETL process can perform complex transformations and requires the extra area to store the data.
  • ETL helps to Migrate data into a Data Warehouse. Convert to the various formats and types to adhere to one consistent system.
  • ETL is a predefined process for accessing and manipulating source data into the target database.
  • ETL in data warehouse offers deep historical context for the business.
  • Extract is the process of reading data from a database. In this stage, the data is collected, often from multiple and different types of sources
ETL — Extract, Transform, Load




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muhammad nazmi bin zainudin

muhammad nazmi bin zainudin

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